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Control runaway infrastructure costs

The siloed infrastructures of yesteryear are simply too cumbersome to respond to today’s exploding data demands. In fact, they can be a downright liability. Managing high numbers of servers and network components can result in inefficient use of resources and high operational costs. At the same time, there’s a fear that shifting to a next generation framework will cause interruptions and pose a risk to years of established business practices and application access. Now you can take the leap of faith with the support and reassurance of top industry leaders.

Cisco’s Data Center solutions enable you to consolidate your data center servers and network by maximizing utilization via a fabric-based approach. The result? An agile, scalable and simplified infrastructure that provides high availability across your business. By leveraging innovative technologies like virtualization and convergence Cisco’s Data Center solutions, can help your organization achieve greater business responsiveness and increased productivity while minimizing costs and risk.

As an authorized Cisco partner, AIP US, LLC can help you consolidate your existing resources to run more applications—all while reducing the complexity of deploying and managing a virtualized environment.

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Your business can profit from:
A single touch point for easier, streamlined management
A virtualization-aware infrastructure
Remote offices that access information like they are at headquarters
A flexible architecture that helps you consolidate and converge your infrastructure
—from servers to network
Pay as you grow scalability that allows you to expand your infrastructure in a simplified and operationally consistent manner
Simplified processes that translate into cost-cutting operations
24/7 service and support delivered by Cisco and backed by AIP US, LLC

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